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Weber Greek Seasoning

Weber Greek Seasoning

  • Weber Handcrafted Ingredients 
  • 160g
  • Chilli Level Low
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A handful of flavour created by us for you. After years of taste testing, trialling, fine tuning of recipes and adding Weber handcrafted barbecued ingredients, we have created a range of Rubs and Seasonings with a unique Weber point of difference.‌

In every bottle you’ll find a hint of smoke and extra depth of flavour. It proudly comes from ingredients that we have smoked, roasted or grilled on a Weber barbecue.‌

Greek food culture loves barbecue: cooking over fire, with flavours of the Mediterranean: oregano, thyme, garlic and chilli. All found this seasoning. It also has a dash of sugar so your meats will have a beautifully caramelised outer texture.


  • Perfect on lamb, beef, chicken and even veggies
  • 130g bottle to cover up to 6kg of lamb chops, flavour for a crowd
  • Contains: Soy. All-natural ingredients, gluten free. No artificial colours or flavours, no msg, nuts, egg, dairy, sesame or preservatives.
  • Classic herbs are featured in this seasoning that are best suited to shorter cooks; grilled, seared or roasted (max 1-2 hours).
  • Product designed in-house by Weber Australia & NZ team, with the quality and flavours we know you'll love
  • Handy usage instructions and recipe ideas on the bottle, so you'll have the perfect cook, first time
  • We've included our Weber Handcrafted Apple Smoked Garlic and Onion smoked on a Weber SmokeFire barbecue, so you'll taste that extra depth of flavour
  • Chilli Level: Low