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Weber® Flame iQ® to suit Baby Q (Classic 2nd Generation)

Weber® Flame iQ® to suit Baby Q (Classic 2nd Generation)

  • Weber Flame iQ
  • Suits 2nd Gen Classic
  • Convenience & Peace of Mind
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Designed for Q1000 / Q1200 models

The Weber Flame iQ is a flame safeguard system with unique patented technology, designed especially for use with a Weber Baby Q. Good news for all Weber Baby Q (Q1000 / Q1200 Classic 2nd Generation) owners, the Flame iQ is retrofittable, so there's no need to part with your much loved BBQ to benefit from its unique features.

Once fitted and in use, the Flame iQ continuously senses for a flame at the burner of your Baby Q. It offers convenience and peace of mind. With its built-in reignition functionality, your food will still be cooked to perfection if the flame is blown out and can be successfully reignited. In the case of 3 unsuccessful reignition attempts, its lockout mode activates to shut off the gas supply to the burner.

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