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True North

True North TN20 Inbuilt Wood Heater

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  • Made in Canada
  • Overnight Burn
  • Heat up to 200m2
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If you’re looking for an inbuilt wood heater that doesn’t compromise on heat, performance, or environmental considerations, look no further than the True North TN20 Inbuilt wood heater.

Designed for the cold Canadian winters, the TN20 Inbuilt fights the cold with its impressive heat output of 200m². This heat output is helped by two fans snuck just behind the fascia, which helps blow the warm air into the room. And with a burn time of up to 15 hours, you’re looking at a long burning, warm burning, wood burner.

The environmental conditions are always considered when bringing wood heaters into Australia, and they are all tested to current Australian Standards. The TN20 Inbuilt tested at 66% efficiency, meaning it burns less wood than most other wood heaters. And with emissions as low as 1.1g, the wood it does burn burns cleanly, putting less CO2 into the atmosphere.

It’s not hard to see why the TN20 Inbuilt is a Canadian favourite when it comes to inbuilt wood heating, with its remarkable heat and clean burning, and it is now available for your Australian home.

The firebox is:
640mm wide x 511mm high x 454mm deep.

The fascia is:
965mm wide x 686mm high


To give your true north the cleanest and longest burn, there is 4 times the afterburners (secondary air tubes) installed to give you 4 times the efficiency.


The quad burn not only gives this heater a great long burn times, but also gives your heater amazing flames, absolutely beautiful to watch.
removing the baffle is easy.


the 450mm deep firebox is perfect for homes that collect their own wood.
fully loaded the tn20 inbuilt will still be burning up to 15hours later

It may look simple, but behind the glass is one impressive heater. The quad burn, fully firebrick lined and simple air control, plus the 2 speed fan means this heater is going to keep your home warm all winter long.


5 year warranty on firebox, and cast door... # 2 year warranty on glass and fan

Flue kit to suit - $420