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True North

True North TN20 Wood Heater

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  • Made in Canada
  • Overnight Burn
  • Heat up to 200m2
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Made by the team at Pacific Energy in Canada, the True North range offer serious quality.

The True North wood heater range is 100% made in Canada by the team at Pacific Energy and is perfect for heating up to 220m²!

Firebricks fully line the base, walls and sides right up to the baffle. These firebricks will retain more heat for longer, meaning your True North is not only still burning in the morning, but also stays hotter.

With an 18" long firebox, you can put in extra-long lengths of wood, easily up to 450mm long. The True North has an amazing overnight burn of 8-12 hours.

To give your True North the cleanest and longest burn, there is four times the afterburners (secondary air tubes) installed to give you four times the efficiency.

The best thing about the True North Wood Heater is it works perfectly with no fan, but if you really want a fan, the True North Wood heater is available with a 2 speed fan for an additional $240.

Tested to the latest AS/NZ Standards, the TN10’s maximum efficiency of 64%, with an average of 62% As for emissions, the TN10 has a low 1.1g per kg of wood burned.

The True North Wood Heaters are made by Pacific Energy in Canada. Proud to be 100% Canadian Made!

Option of legs or pedestal are available


Height 714mm

Width 543mm

Depth 605mm



Rear no heat shield 350mm

Rear with additional Stainless Steel Heat Shield 150mm

Side 350mm

Corner 175mm

Burn Time 12hrs



5 year warranty on firebox and cast door. 1 year warranty on glass and fan