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True North

True North TN10 Wood Heater

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  • Made in Canada
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Heat up to 100m2


Made in Canada by Pacific Energy, The smallest in the family, the TN10 is perfect for smaller homes looking for a heater that is made with quality. The TN10 will give a consistent 40m2 room warm all night long : crank the TN10 up, and it can heat up to 100m2.

Fully firebricked lined, Large Cast Iron Door,and a massive air control.. this little beauty is a stunner. This fireplace has been tested to the new 2019 standards with a tested result of 64% efficiency.

Being Canadian made - the TN10 is built with looking after the environment and with emissions as clean as 1.2gms, this is a very clean burning heater.

New homes today are built air tight, and heaters need air to work.. The TN10 has the ability to have OUTSIDE AIR to the heater.. meaning you can install in the highest star rating home.

100% Canadian Made

The True North Wood Heaters are made by Pacific Energy in Canada.. Proud to be 100% Canadian Made


Height 654mm

Width 542mm

Depth 378mm


Rear 150mm

Side 175mm

Corner 75mm


Max Heating Capacity 120-150m2

Efficiency Max 71%, Average 64%

Emissions 1.2gms

Burn Time 6-8hrs


5 Years Firebox, Glass (excludes impact breakage)

3 Years (parts and Labor) Fan and door seals