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Maxiheat Decromesh Flue Kit

Maxiheat Decromesh Flue Kit

  • Triple Skin
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pipe
  • Approved to Aust Standards
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This Flue kit is suitable for installing selected freestanding wood heaters. Additional flue lengths or components may be required based on installation type. A certified wood heater installer is required to install this flue kit.


  • 4 x Maxiheat 6" Flue 1m Stainless Steel (MXSL1000SS2)
  • 1 x Maxiheat 10" Flue 1m Galvanised (MXGUO2)
  • 1 x Maxiheat 10" Dropbox 1m (MXGLOB82)
  • 1 x Maxiheat 8" Extension Flue 1m Galvanised (MXGUI2)
  • 2 x Maxiheat Decorative Casing Metallic Black (MXDCPC2MB)
  • 1 x Decro Bottom Ring (MXDCLRL)
  • 1 x Maxiheat Flue Fitting Screws & Spacers (MXFFK2)
  • 1 x Ceiling Ring suit Drop Box Flue Kits
  • 1 x Full S/S Cowl Rain Excluder (MXCRESS)
  • 2 x Mounting Bracket (MXMB)
  • 1 x Instructions