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Manuka Wood Smoking Chips Coarse 5-10mm

Manuka Wood Smoking Chips Coarse 5-10mm

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By adding "Manuka Smoking Woodchips" to your barbecue smoker, a beautiful range of flavours can be imparted to meat or fish or vegetables.

Manuka Smoking Woodchips are perfect for your BBQ Smoker, your traditional smoker box, sprinkled directly onto your gas, kettle or charcoal BBQ, also suitable for the culinary enthusiasts using your smoking gun.

Manuka Smoking Woodchips produce a succulent smoky flavour to fish, pork, beef, poultry, lamb, cheese and vegetables.

Place foil in the bottom of the smoking tray, add Manuka smoking woodchips, this also makes the smoker easier to clean.

Do not have the smoker running too hot as the smoke may become bitter and sharp.

A little fresh herb, chili, or citrus skin may be placed in with the wood shavings when smoking to achieve additional flavour.

It is an advantage to leave the skin on the fish, smoke the fish skin side down, do not attempt to turn the fish whilst smoking.

If you are leaving the fish/meat/chicken on the smoking tray to cool, move it around a couple of times to ensure it does not stick as it’s cooling.

Manuka wood is used in New Zealand when making a hangi (traditional underground Maori cooking.

  • All of our Manuka Smoking Woodchips are processed in New Zealand and imported into Australia.
  • No chemicals are used in the preparation of our Manuka Smoking Woodchips.
  • Manuka Smoking Woodchips are processed from Manuka trees on the West Coast of New Zealand.
  • Manuka Smoking Woodchips have produced some of New Zealand's award winning ham, chicken and eel products which are exported to Japan.
  • Can be used for either hot or cold smoking.
  • Can be used in a smoker, bbq, or a frypan with a rack