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Lane's BBQ

Lane's Cubano Rub

Lane's Cubano Rub

  • Cuban BBQ Goodness
  • Flavour Packed Zest
  • 130g
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Experience the Havana Street BBQ

Gluten Free - All Natural - All Flavour - No Filler - No Anticaking agents

Experience the zest and sweetness of authentic Cuban BBQ right at home with our Cubano Seasoning. It's an excellent choice for pork and chicken dishes, but also adds a delightful twist to veggies, seafood, and more. This rub is an essential for those craving a taste of Havana's bustling BBQ streets!

A Commitment to Authentic Flavours and Quality:

We say no to unnecessary fillers or chemicals that are often found in conventional supermarket seasonings. We're committed to real ingredients that offer genuine flavour. Our carefully crafted blend of flavours promises the perfect balance, ensuring no surprises when seasoning your food, but instead, a captivating culinary journey with every dish you cook.

Cubano Seasoning Ingredients:

Our Cubano blend includes Pepper, Garlic, Lime, Sugar, Salt, Oregano, Orange Peel Zest, Dill, Cumin, Mustard, and Coriander. Nothing else is added, ensuring a truly Cuban flavour experience.