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Corona Kerosene Heater Midnight Blue

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  • 2.09kW heating output
  • 3L fuel tank (approximately 18 hours of operation)
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic shut off device


The Japanese made Corona "Kerosene heater" is the perfect, high efficiency solution for your heating needs. They put out as much heat or more than the most powerful electric heaters, but cost little to run.

This is the "standard" model with a 2.09kw output.

The Kero heater has a 3 litre fuel tank which will burn for up to 18 hours.

For safety, the heater features a safety cut out. If the unit is bumped or knocked, or the fuel tank is removed, the heater will automatically and instantly shut off.

We only recommend fresh Kerosene be used from a sealed container. Any contaminants in the fuel will cause the heater to function poorly. A 20 litre drum of Kerosene is available for $75. If you do the maths, it works out that this heater will cost as little as $0.70 per hour to comfortably heat your home.

With the very long lifetime of these heaters, and the low running costs, these are a great investment for many winters to come!