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Cast Iron Burger Grill Press

Cast Iron Burger Grill Press

  • Cast Iron
  • Weight 1.2kg
  • Cool Touch Handle
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If you are looking for a way to speed up your BBQing, keep your meat flat, lock in moisture and produce the best burgers in town then the Cast Iron Burger Grill Press is what you need. Simply preheat it on your bbq and then place it on top of your food. This process shortens the cooking times by up to 25 to 30%, as well as trapping in the moisture so you can enjoy crispy yet moist burgers.

Burger meat presses can also be known as grill presses, steak weights and bacon presses. They are all the same thing so don’t go out buying one of each. Even though they are predominantly used on outdoor BBQs, you can even use them indoors on your skillet over the stove.


  • Pre-seasoned for instant use
  • Heavy duty cast-iron base for even heat distribution and heat retention
  • Chrome-plated spiral cool touch handle so you don't burn yourself
  • Cooks quicker as you're cooking from both sides at once
  • Simply wipe to clean

Grill press Specifications:

  • Length: 23cm 
  • Width: 13.2cm at the widest point and 10cm at the narrowest point
  • Weight: 1.28kgs