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Brisket Bootcamp Class

Brisket Bootcamp Class

  • Saturday 26th October
  • Brisket BBQ Class
  • Low N Slow BBQ
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Join Adrian Blomfield acclaimed chef and Neil Dransfield members of the award winning and hall of fame BBQ Team, Double Barrel BBQ for their All-things Brisket bootcamp Class. This is a rare opportunity for the BBQ lover to learn how to cook the perfect brisket every time using only the very best in Weber BBQ’s.

The award-winning BBQ team masters will chat all things meat selection, trimming, brining, rubs, smokers & cooking. Here's your chance to learn tips & tricks you won’t get anywhere else.


  • Saturday 26th October 
  • 3.00pm - 5.30pm

What's Included

  • Chance to win one of 3 $100 Vouchers - Peter Augustus Craft Butcher
  • Beers & Ciders
  • Recipes sheets, hints & tips
  • 2.5 hours fun, BBQ tips, Tricks and a great time


  • Prime angus Brisket
  • Marble score 7/8 wagyu brisket
  • Brisket burnt ends
  • Brisket burgers
  • Taco’s


  • Brisket selection grass versus grain, Angus versus wagyu. Aging and marbling etc.
  • Trimming, learn everything from a full competition spec trim to catering trim.
  • To inject or not to inject. We look at the process of injecting and how there made from just flavoured injections right through to using phosphates and flavour enhancers like MSG and 635.
  • Brining. We look at the processes of dry brining a brisket and what it’s benefits are.
  • Rubs and seasoning methods. learn how achieve that all important “bark” and formulate your own rubs by looking at taste fundamentals.
  • Ok let’s talk about smokers!
  • Weber SmokeFire pellet, Smokey Mountain, Weber Summit, and famous 57cm kettle and more.
  • Firing the beast up. We look at the best and quickest ways to bring your beast up to cooking temp.
  • Wood selection or pellet selection. We will teach you the best woods for flavour.
  • Ok it’s cook time, to wrap or not to wrap etc. wrap in foil or pink butchers’ paper. When to wrap or boat your brisket.
  • Wrapping liquids and flavour enhancers
  • How to know when the brisket is cooked to perfection.
  • Resting. We look at the benefits and disadvantages of resting too long and not long enough.
  • Slicing and competition boxing and presentation, saucing and glazing. Comp box preparation.
  • Finally what you can do with all your practice leftover briskets.
  • Question time.

Strictly 12 seats only. Small interactive classes. Prizes, give-aways & more

Proudly sponsored by:

  • Peter Augustus Craft Butcher
  • Your Local Quality Butcher 

*Please note menu may be subject to change