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Oren's Butchers Paper 150ft Roll

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  • Food Grade
  • Unwaxed
  • Protect your meat


All natural unwaxed food grade paper - 150ft roll

Pink butcher paper is all natural without any wax, plastic coating, bleach, or anything that could affect the flavor of your perfectly cooked brisket. It's manufactured with excellent wet strength to provide superior holdout avoiding messy situations.

Peach (or pink) butcher paper is a must have for any serious barbecue cook. Wrap ribs, briskets, roasts and even poultry to protect your meat during cooking or during the resting stage.

Unlike foil, the porous paper allows air to circulate, preserving your hard-earned perfect bark. Another advantage over foil, the butchers paper does not concentrate the heat and won't overcook your meat.



FDA Approved