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Misty Gully Dry Age Steak Bags

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  • Resealable Bag
  • Curing Salt
  • Ideal for salami etc


Misty Gully’s Banquet Bags feature award winning Danish technology that allow you to safely dry age steak, smallgoods and salami safely and quickly without the need of expensive dry ageing chambers or commercial setups. All you need is a fridge and a vacuum sealer!

The material of the bag creates a bond with the natural proteins in the meat, allowing for moisture and oxygen exchange while ensuring the ageing process is free from risk of contamination.

In years gone by, dry aged beef was the norm. Beef carcasses were allowed to hang in a locker for a few weeks after slaughter to become more tender and flavourful. During this dry ageing process, moisture evaporates from the meat creating an improved flavour, highlighted by a stronger and more defined beef taste, along with delicate notes of butter and nuts. The meat’s natural enzymes break down the fibrous connective tissue in the muscle thereby also tenderizing it.

Some current dry ageing techniques may have a positive impact on flavour, tenderness and overall eating qualities, but today, specialized and expensive facilities and equipment have traditionally been required to ensure the process is able to be replicated ensuring modern food safety and consistent quality standards are met.

Misty Gully Banquet Bags are a modern game changer. The specialized technology of the dry ageing bags allows beef to age and achieve the same bold beefy flavours and creamy textures from traditional open-air dry ageing methods, whilst being safe, simple to use and extremely economical.

Dry ageing in bags provides for a significantly different end product than wet ageing in Cryovac bags. When wet ageing, the meat is vacuum sealed in moisture and oxygen impermeable bags. The beef will wet age in its own juices and there can be some benefits to tenderness that can be achieved in this process, however the bold flavour and texture characteristics achieved from dry ageing cannot be replicated.

Product Description: MISTY GULLY DRY AGE STEAK BANQUET BAGS feature award winning Danish technology that allows for the safest and easiest way for you to dry age your own steak at home. The material of the bag creates a bond with the natural proteins in meat, allowing for moisture release and oxygen exchange free from risk of contamination.

Country of Origin: Denmark

Storage: Clean, dry conditions at ambient temperatures below 25c and 75% relative humidity.

Medium: 300x600mm

Additional Information: Banquet Bags are a non-edible product used in the Food Industry.

Banquet Bags are not a packaging material. They enable a dry ageing process which improves safety and yields, closed against unwanted air-born bacteria.