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Manuka Wood Smoking Chips medium

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  • Ideal for Hot or Cold Smoking
  • Manuka wood is used in New Zealand when making a hangi
  • No chemicals added


By adding "Manuka Smoking Woodchips" to your barbecue smoker, a beautiful range of flavours can be imparted to meat or fish or vegetables.

Manuka Smoking Woodchips are perfect for your BBQ Smoker, your traditional smoker box, sprinkled directly onto your gas, kettle or charcoal BBQ, also suitable for the culinary enthusiasts using your smoking gun.

Manuka Smoking Woodchips produce a succulent smoky flavour to fish, pork, beef, poultry, lamb, cheese and vegetables.

Medium can be used for all types of dishes, and is also used as a green tea smoke alternative in a number of restaurants throughout New Zealand. The fine carries the same intense aroma as dust and is generally used where a slightly more subtle taste is desired in a shorter time frame.