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Manuka Wood Smoking Sawdust

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  • Ideal for Cold Smoking
  • Manuka wood is used in New Zealand when making a hangi
  • No chemicals added


This Manuka sawdust is perfect for the traditional style fish smoker and offers an intense smoke and aroma, it is our “chip of choice” for cold smoking.
  • All of our Manuka Smoking Woodchips are processed in New Zealand and imported into Australia.
  • No chemicals are used in the preparation of our Manuka Smoking Woodchips.
  • Manuka Smoking Woodchips are processed from Manuka trees on the West Coast of New Zealand.
  • Manuka Smoking Woodchips have produced some of New Zealand's award winning ham, chicken and eel products which are exported to Japan.
  • Can be used for either hot or cold smoking.