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Man Law

Man Law Grill Surface Thermometer

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  • Dial size: Diameter 2.2"
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Is it hot or not?


If it bugs me – I kinda figure it’s gotta bug you too ....... right? Sad to say, but my BBQ has hot spots – and when your searing a steak, it’s gotta be the right temperature! The gauge in the hood doesn’t cut it when it comes to the steak – this only gives you the internal temperature of your BBQ, not the surface temp of the plate!
And I want to know when to put my steak on! ...... enter the MAN LAW Grill Surface Gauge!
Stainless steel housing and raised tabs for moving it round the grill. Place it on your BBQ hot plate and let it do all the hard work for you! It indicates on the gauge when the right temperature for searing is so you can put the steak on!
Or maybe you just want to grill some chicken or a sausage for some low and slow cooking, and the plate doesn’t needs to be as hot – hey it’s all indicated on the gauges for you!

Dial size: Diameter 2.2"

Stainless steel housing Good for any cooking surface Wide temperature range: 35◦C up to 430◦C Raised tabs so you can easily move it around your grill Stainless steel construction. Now you know if the grill, plate or hot plate is up to temp & ready to grill, cook or give a quick sear yet or not.