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Man Law

Man Law-BBQ Light

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  • 12 Super Bright LED Globes
  • Extra Long Flexible arm up to 23" length
  • Weather Resistant


Now come on – we’ve all done it ! Day light savings is gone and you want to have a BBQ tonight – but you don’t have any decent outdoor lighting!
But hey you persist! Beer in one hand, BBQ Tongs in the other – and a torch between your teeth. You just have to work out how you’re going to flip that steak and throw a coldie down at the same time!
MAN LAW to the Rescue! Enter the BBQ Light!
12 Super bright LED bulbs, adjustable screw clamp, magnetic base, flexible arm, weather resistant and aluminium construction!
C’mon Guys – don’t BBQ in the dark! Get a BBQ Light!
Just clamp this on the side of the BBQ for some light while you're cooking, when the cooking's done, clamp it on the side of the table, or the esky lid for light where you need it!
Perfect gift for your BBQ fanatic, use it at home or camping.