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Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Kettle Hot Rod Yellow

Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Kettle Hot Rod Yellow

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The limited-edition 70th Anniversary Kettle is a high-quality Weber kettle you’ve come to expect combined with nostalgic and modern features. Nods to different eras of Weber’s history can be found throughout its thoughtfully detailed exterior. Hand-enamelled in Rock N Roll Blue, is reminiscent of the look popular among 1950s-era rock stars. Other retro features include a solid bottom utility tray for storage, a ‘50s hood-ornament themed lid thermometer, white-walled wheels, and wood-like nylon handles. All of it comes together to create a barbecuing experience worthy of celebration.

• Store your tools in the utility tray, last featured in 1950s kettles
• Features a stylish ‘50s hood ornament-inspired lid thermometer
• Wood-like nylon handles resemble those on ‘80s and ‘90s kettles
• White-walled wheels commemorate the kettle era, 1952-2022
• Includes stainless steel diffuser plate and porcelain-enamelled char-ring

Each kettle comes with a limited-edition, retro-themed metal sign and bottle opener.

This is a "must have" for any Weber bbq addict like us! Check them out in store now. They are just stunning!