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Kettle Kone by TB2 - Go Anywhere

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  • Heavy duy steel
  • High Heat Indiret Cooking
  • Optional use reverse sear


The amazing Kettle Kone by TB2 Smokers transforms the way you use your Weber Go Anywhere BBQ.

It's so easy to use and offers two distinct cooking methods. Small end up for high heat indirect cooking, creating the perfect BBQ chicken. Small end down for high heat indirect cooking and the ultimate reverse seared steak.

The secret is in the way the Kettle Kone holds and channels up a high intensity heat. This heat hits the lid of your BBQ and using thermodynamic forces is then evenly distributed back down around your cooking surface.

Handmade in Australia of extremely durable 3mm steel, the Kettle Kone is is a seriously sturdy, quality made BBQ essential for all kettle cookers.

This summer, take your BBQ cooking to a whole new level with the Kettle Kone from TB2 Smokers.

 Weight:0.95 KGSWidth:19.00 (cm)Height:6.00 (cm)Depth:22.00 (cm)