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Kettle Kone by TB2 - Go Anywhere

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  • Heavy duy steel
  • High Heat Indiret Cooking
  • Optional use reverse sear



The Kettle Kone is an after market accessory for a standard size Weber kettle. It will change the way you approach cooking on your Weber!

How does it work you say and what's so special about it?

Well it turns your Weber kettle in to a dry fryer and gives your chicken a nice crispy skin. It prevents your meat from burning and stops nasty flare ups. You can also use it to reverse sear steaks as well.

When preparing your Weber to cook with the Kettle Kone you must make sure all the vents both top & bottom are fully open to allow for maximum airflow.

The Kettle Kone is placed in the centre of your Weber kettle and is then loaded with either charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal.

You can either pre light your chosen fuel and place into the Kone or light a fire lighter under the charcoal.

I wait until all the charcoal is ashed over before placing the Weber grill grate back into place.

Before any food goes around the Kettle Kone I place a chunk of smoking wood like hickory, cherry, apple or peach - just make sure what you choose is suitable for smoking - in the centre over the top of the Kone.

When the Kettle Kone is in use it does get very hot so a glove may be needed when checking your meat!

Available in various sizes.