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Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite IGE600

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  • Install into ANY benchtop including MDF
  • Heatlie Australian Made quality
  • Flame Failure as standard
  • Ready to drop into your cabinet or ours
  • Optional Roasting Hood



A first for the BBQ market, The Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite is designed to be dropped into a bench top made from any material, including combustible materials such as wood. It comes flat packed with instructions for easy assembly included and has been specially designed to be put together with minimal fuss and few additional components. Before the BBQ is installed you will need to have a bench organised as the BBQ sits into the bench top. You can also purchase the Heatlie Island Gourmet cabinet which has the necessary ventilation requirements as specified by the Australian Standards.

NOTE: Correct ventilation is required in the bench for the product to work properly and ensure product warranty. Click here for ventilation requirements.

Unique features

This barbecue is the only one on the market which is able to be installed directly into a bench and bench top made from combustible materials. This means it can be dropped into any standard kitchen bench, eliminating the need for granite or stone benchtops. Granite, stone and similar materials will remain the preferred option for many Outdoor Kitchen owners, giving a look of sophistication and quality, to match the same characteristics in the Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite.

This BBQ will fit into a standard 600mm benchtop. Another bonus for Outdoor Kitchen owners who have had their kitchen built but are yet to choose their BBQ, and easy for This safety feature is often a standard requirement for many Outdoor Kitchen installations. It is now included in this new product as part of the gas tap configuration and is designed to cut the gas supply if the flame is extinguished by a gust of wind, for example.

As the knob on the Island Gourmet Elite is turned, the piezo ignition automatically lights the BBQ. No additional buttons to push and maintain. Easy, no fuss and works every time.

The Island Gourmet Elite features a lift out plate and a separate fat container which allows for easy cleaning while still eliminating the risk of a flare up from dripping fat. The plate can be lifted out, pressure cleaned or scrubbed, then easily replaced for your next BBQ. The fat container can be easily cleaned out also.

The Island Gourmet Elite now arrives on your door step fully assembled, ready to drop into your benchtop and then to be connected to a gas supply. This BBQ is comfortably lifted by 2 people. You will up and running in under 10 minutes, ready to cook on your new BBQ.

LPG or Natural Gas

Bottled LPG and piped Natural Gas is able to be used safely on the Island Gourmet Elite. There is a small additional cost for the Natural Gas version. Heatlie were also successful in obtaining approval from the AGA (Australian Gas Association) for the use of Universal Gas, allowing this product to be used in other countries using this type of gas.

2 Sizes available

  • Install into ANY bench top including MDF
  • Heatlie Australian Made quality
  • Innovative design
  • Flame Failure as standard
  • Ready to drop into your cabinet or ours
  • Optional Roasting Hood
  • Auto ignition
  • No flare ups
  • Fits into a standard
  • 600mm bench top

Price is for BBQ unit only - Roasting Hood Optional $804