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GMG Daniel Boone PRIME Plus WiFi Pellet Grill 12V SS Hood

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  • Pre-Order- Due end October
  • Interior Light
  • Heavy Duty Grates
  • Optional Rotisserie


The NEW 'Prime PLUS grills' by Green Mountain Grills are stronger and better than ever. The Daniel Boone Prime PLUS WiFi model comes with a redesigned digital controller that allows you to control and monitor your grill through the iOS or Android mobile application, dual meat probes and a USB port. With the new grill and pellet view windows you can keep an eye on your food without letting smoke/heat escape and see your pellet supply.

Prime PLUS additional features include:

  • Collapsible Front shelf
  • Adjustable Heat shield
  • Heavy Duty Grates
  • Interior Grill Light
  • Compatible with new Rotisserie Attachment

Optional Rotisserie: $129.95


Digital Control will control your grill’s temperature from 65.5°- 288°C in 5°F increments

Meat probe measures internal temperature of meat and displays it on the control panel

Peaked lid provides extra cooking height

Sense-Mate™ monitors ambient temperature and to switch to turbo if required

Venturi-style firebox for “cyclone” style combustion

Positive pressure hopper fan prevents back burn from the firebox to the hopper

Keep Warm Mode and Fan Only Mode with automatic shut-off to blow ash out of the firebox after you finish grilling.

Grill Functionality:

A motor turns the auger which feeds pellets into the firebox. There, a hot rod automatically ignites the pellets, and a combustion fan below keeps them burning. Vents vertically line the inside of the Firebox creating a circular air flow. A fan inside the Pellet Hopper maintains positive pressure which prevents burn-back in the auger tube. When met these two air flows create the ultimate wood burning fire circulating pure hardwood smoke flavor

Technical Specs:

Temperature Range: 65.5°C - 288°C

Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 34in

Total Weight: 87 kgs

Voltage: 12V, 12V igniter

Grease Tray: 12 Gauge steel

Stainless Steel Lid: 14 Gauge steel

Body: 14 Gauge steel

Hopper Capacity: 8 kgs