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Fire Pit Grill Plate 900mm

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  • Mild Steel
  • 750mm & 900mm
  • Flat plate & Grill


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A fire pit on its own provides comforting warmth on a chilly evening and the wonderful relaxing ambiance of dancing flames and glowing embers. A fire pit grill or grate adds a new dimension to your fire pit – turning it into a bbq. Once the flames have died down a cooking grate turns your fire pit into a fire pit bbq!

Our fire pit grill plates have been designed to include a flat smooth surface as well as a grill section. The smooth surface is for frying different vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, mushrooms or zucchini and capsicum – or for a big breakfast fry-up. The grill section of the fire pit grill is for cooking meat such as lamb chops, sausages or steaks as the grill allows the excess fat to drip down through the plate giving you a healthy delicious meal.

The large fire pit grills (at 90cm and 75cm) are perfect for the fire pit bowls, but can also be used on similar sized fire pit bowls.

It is a good idea to place your fire pit cooking grate on your fire pit before the fire dies down so that the flames can burn any residual grease, dirt or germs on the grill, effectively cleaning it. It is also a good idea to burn-off your fire pit grill after use.

This style of cooking is limited only by your imagination. Come in today and check these out. No longer will you be buying something every year because the old one has burnt out or rusted thru. Will a little care you will be using this for years to come.