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Tramontina Churrasco Skewer 95cm

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  • Skewer width 1.8cm
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Length 65cm


This Tramontina Barbecue Skewer is made from high quality stainless steel and wood from reforestation areas. Tramontina in one of the worlds leading manufactures in quality knives, home ware and cooking appliances.

The Brazilian barbecue, or Churrasco, is one of the most famous Brazilian dishes around the world. In Brazil, the state of Rio Grande do Sul is where the barbecue tradition started.

Can be used independently OR in combination with Gas/Kettle Skewer Supports Can be used for Brazilian Churrasco or your own way ie roasts, larger porterhouse steaks!
Vegetables, lamb, steak, sausages, chicken, seafood, roasts, even marshmallows!

Wide 1.8cm skewer width allows large pieces of meat to fit without moving or slipping.

Keeps moisture locked in food!

Easier to cook food using skewers, easier to turn all at once instead of using tong individually