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Chesneys Heat & Grill

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  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Heats up to 170m2
  • BBQ, Roast, Bake & Grill


We are excited to announce a new product on the market that will change the way many Australian’s entertain outdoors in the future. It's not just a fireplace, it's not just a BBQ or a pizza oven. It’s the perfect way to entertain well after dark all year round.

Imagine your guests sitting around a stunning wood burning fireplace, the ambience of the flames and heat creating a wonderfully relaxed feeling. So now its time to start cooking, perhaps a pizza to start? They add your steaks, grill veggies….. or perhaps you have decided on a butterflied leg of lamb with roast vegetables? With a massive BBQ Grill, 500mm x 230mm, you can BBQ for the largest party with perfect control. Plus you are still part of the conversation, cooking while your guests enjoy the atmosphere.

It’s also a Pizza Oven, imagine perfect Wood Fired Pizza's within minutes, create your very own pizza masterpiece!

The Heat & Grill was designed by the team at Chesneys, UK designer and manufacturer, they wanted more than just a BBQ - and more than just a heater - the Heat & Grill was designed for the person who is looking for a complete solution to make the most of their outside entertaining. For those looking for a reliable efficient heat source outdoors with the ability to cook as well and it’s portable, that’s got to tick a lot of boxes for your outdoor entertaining needs.

This unit can be moved to suit your needs and the weather, it can be used under roof or outdoors. With the directional air supply, there is significantly less smoke produced than any other wood heating appliance. The short flue directs what little smoke there is away from the unit and those around it.

Designed for the person who is looking for a complete solution to make the most of their outside entertaining. This revolutionary new product will be save on the more expensive install of an outdoor fireplace and still meet your expectations for heating that is both effective and innovative.

The new “Heat and Grill” is on display in our store. We would love the opportunity to show you the quality of the product and discussing your outdoor entertaining plans.

See the stunning Heat and Grill here.



Unit Height 998mm

Unit Width 592mm

Unit Width inc Side Extensions 1,210mm

Unit Depth 433mm

Unit Depth with flue 743mm



Weight 117kg


Grill Size

Width 500mm

Depth 320mm