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Avanti Pork Belly Skin Crisping Tool & Meat Tenderiser

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  • Stainless Steel Prongs
  • Crisping Skin Tool
  • Hand Wash


Break down meat fibres without tearing them apart with this handy Avanti Pork Belly Skin Crisping Tool & Meat Tenderiser. With its stainless-steel prongs, this practical tool will pound and pierce pork cutlets to help marinades permeate and tenderise your meat. The more holes, the crispier the skin becomes. It also functions as a meat tenderiser.

With stainless-steel prongs to break down tough meat fibres and pierce meats before marinating

Easy to use press several times to penetrate and help tenderise meats

Has an ergonomic handle that is smooth and mellow, and comfortable to grip

Ideal for enhancing any type of meat, not just tough or inexpensive meats

Perfect for beef, pork, veal, chicken, turkey, fowl, and more