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Weber Pulse 1000 Electric BBQ

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  • Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills
  • Integrated iGrill technology / For use with free Weber iGrill app
  • Electronic temperature control


When does food intertwine with technology? When it’s cooked on Weber’s revolutionary electric barbecue, the Pulse. Ushering in an era of infinite barbecuing possibilities, the Pulse fuses everything you need from a traditional barbecue, with the simplicity and convenience of electrical power. And there’s no compromise on the Weber flavour either – a first for electric barbecue cooking. Your family and friends won’t believe their taste buds.

The Pulse 1000 is uniquely integrated with Weber iGrill® smart technology. That means you can accurately measure the grill temperature, as well as track the progress of your food as it cooks to perfection through the iGrill app on your smart device. Through iGrill’s settings and alerts, your Pulse barbecue will literally tell you when it’s ready cook, and when your food is cooked just the way you like it. With porcelain coated cast iron cooking grills and the power to cook at temperatures up to 300°C, the Pulse will impart a beautiful barbecue flavour in your food, as smoke circulates under the lid. And because the grills hold and conduct high heat evenly, you’ll have amazing sear marks and caramelisation on your favourite cuts of meat.

With high-tech electronic temperature control and smart technology, barbecuing has never been easier, and the sweet taste of barbecued, grilled, baked or roasted food will no longer be dependent on where you live, or the weather conditions faced.

The built-in grease management system automatically funnels grease and debris away from the heating element, allowing for easy clean-up. To deliver further ease of use, the front control panel disconnects for easy access, doubling to provide more efficient storage and protection when your barbecue is not in use. The Pulse’s high lid allows for larger cuts of meat like roasts and whole poultry to be barbecued with ease.

Welcome to the new era of infinite barbecuing possibilities.

Weber Pulse Cooking System

This innovative electric barbecue is the perfect companion for anyone who wants an authentic barbecue experience, but with the convenience of electric power.

While the 1000 series delivers all you need to cook up a feast for your special someone or closest friends, the larger 2000 series model boasts a bigger cooking space and dual zone cooking capability. The revolutionary dual zone barbecuing feature allows you to simultaneously cook different foods in two temperature zones, just as you would on a charcoal or gas barbecue.


Lid Open 68cm H x 60.5cm W x 65cm D
Lid Closed 33cm H x 60.5cm W x 53.5cm D